(Completed) Lab test #3 - Investments on Jupiter (Early release)💰

Used the feature, I must say very impressive flow! Blown by it.

Although one bug, the app freezes after setting up an SIP, the screen is blank, need to force close the app and start it back again to see the autopay details! (on iOS)

If somebody would ask me to do nitpicking, then I would say that now I feel lost in the app.

I don’t know which click will take me to which screen. There are two different external mutual funds dashboards - both at pretty accessible places. There are so many flows to reach the same things.

Investments deserve a tab of their own.

You should see a separate tab for investment now. Do provide your feedback here too Lab test #2 - Home page “Do more with Jupiter” revamp 🏠 - #42 by Ankit_Misra

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Oh and, we can swipe the home page horizontally. This seems better.
I used to tap on the 2 tabs above “Account/Investments” before.

@here Since some of you tried our MF feature for the first time, you should join our next CPC. We’ll have some sorts of a quick guide/overview :slight_smile:

Check this out - #4 Chai Pe Charcha | Mutual Funds 101 ☕

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How to enable the feature? I don’t see any option to invest in MF?

Hey! @SHEIKH_AZHARUDDIN I see that you’ve registered for Jupiter labs.
We will need to add you to the group first. Only then you’ll be able to see the feature in the app. The list gets updated every 7 days.

You’ll be notified when this is done :slight_smile:


Thanks Shawn. I have access now…
Quick question where to share feedback/ideas for mutual fund ?

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@SHEIKH_AZHARUDDIN Over here! You can share it on this thread like how you commented earlier. Glad to know you got access now :slight_smile:

Thanks Shawn

So below are the improvement ideas:

Exit load time frame: currently it shows the exit load but not timeframe. For example , icici prudential technology fund has exit load of 1% if redeemed within 15 days however the app does not show this. So an investor needs to search in google or other apps.

Rank: for some funds it shows the rank … like rank 2 in sector this and that, what if I want to know which fund rank 1? There is no such option.

Invest through UPI: while I understand it should take fund from Jupiter account only but I feel there must be an option to invest through other linked bank account…maybe upi mandate for SIP

Daily SIP: apps like jars and gullak are flourishing because they have this daily saving habit rules.
Similarly I feel you can introduce daily sip facility through UPI mandate or Jupiter account… minimum amount will be ₹100 or multiples of ₹100 and you can allow those funds only which has minimum investment as ₹100… I have checked all mutual funds app and I found no one has this facility… interestingly this is present in Fi money account but money will be deducted from fi account only…please take this into Consideration.

For first 2 points, you can refer Paytm money app …they have these facilities.


Thanks for sharing this!

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@Shawnpinto still i cant see the investment option in my app can u check pls

Will there be a possibility to completely migrate my SIPs from other platforms lke Groww? or only tracking.

Secondly I was never able to setup tracking of external SIPs because I never able to get CAMS email.

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@Lsaini948 Looking into this.

@Arnab In future, you can move your portfolio to Jupiter. In order to migrate your SIP, you need to cancel your SIP at your respective platforms and start new SIPs here. Wrt your second issue, I will ask my tech team to look into your tracking issue today.

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That’s great to hear Harpreet.

I will pause SIPs and move to Jupiter next month. Feature wise looks great.


Need some features in investment.

  1. Rankings based on expense ratio or highlighting the lowest expense ratio fund from a category
    2)Sort option based on minimum investment amount

Haven’t resolved yet.

Hey Arnab,

In my last message, when I refer to “in future, you can move your portfolio” I meant we are currently working on it. It will take us a few months to roll it out and test. Currently, we are designing it on our end. Apologies since my last message caused confusion for you. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Rest assured when we open it for early users for feedback, we will add you to the list.

I have noticed the google account linking option in external portfolio page. Is it on testing phase?

I understand that it reads my email for CAMs mail… I linked my account yesterday… Nothing special happened. Today morning I recieved a CAMS email and i had to manually forward it to update the insights report