(Completed) Lab test #3 - Investments on Jupiter (Early release)💰

Yes, it’s live for the Jupiter lab test users already :partying_face:


Is this Auto-skip SIP a unique offering? Not a mutual funds guy, hence :eyes:

Yes. This way your sips won’t bounce.
Traditional way, on sip day, your MF app will send debit request to your bank and if you are low on balance, it won’t be processed.
Now what Jupiter did is just placed a check as they are your MF manager and bank account… so not a big thing.

The big thing is , they need to bring in auto invest or save Rules like Fi Money…that’s huge.


The investment feature seems just alright and for a beginner in line with groww and other competing platforms. However, one thing I would like to see included in the future would be to see the holding stocks and assets of the MF along with their respective percentage


Agree more robust reporting like Zerodha.
Jupiter should try to show overall % in debt and equity…and in equity , break it down on stocks level throughout our holdings. So that we know with overlap and all what we hold.


@SaiRaj Saw this earlier - Investment Feature Arrived
Go for it and share your thoughts here :blob_thanks:

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Is there going to be an option where the apps suggests a portfolio for me ? Like kuvera does ?

Mutual Fund is coming soon for general users. But for our awesome community users, you get special access :wink:

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That’s great feedback. Let me see if we can fast-track this.

Definitely, helping our users take better investment decisions wrt their personal lifestyles is one of our goal.

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@ironman @Rahul.Sharma This is in our pipeline. We will make this live within a month. There are three features related to it.

  1. Asset, Market cap, Sector allocation of a fund with its holding (stocks, bonds, etc.) allocations.
  2. The overall allocation of your portfolio with the holding data.
  3. Overlap analysis of a fund.

I already have a Demat account with Groww. So on registering for this Jupiter MF will our existing DEMAT account be used or a new one would be created?

You do not need a Demat account to invest in MF SIPs.

Also, Demat accounts are unique to each platform. It’s not an issue to have multiple demat accounts!

Email field is empty. Is there a way to enter this?. For all my investments I am using hotmail but my Jupiter email id is gmail. Is there a way to change this?

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Not sure.
It was blank for me as well. I hope it sends the registered email atleast to investment account and not blank.

@harpreetvishnoi can you please confirm if email is being picked? Also if it is possible to provide a different email for investment account ?

Yes, your email ID got picked that you have provided in the Jupiter bank account.

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Can we move the direct mutual funds we have on other apps to Jupiter ? Eg. Instead of paying SIP through Kuvera we pay through Jupiter ?

We are getting this checked, why the email ID is blank. We are registering the investment account with the email ID provided in the Jupiter bank account.


I have a different email ID with my mutual funds, can it be possible to pick the email ID we want to use ?

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You don’t need to open a Demat account to invest in mutual funds. And we are not opening any new Demat account for mutual funds investing. Your account will be linked with your email ID updated on Jupiter.

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