(Completed) Lab test #2 - Home page “Do more with Jupiter” revamp 🏠

Yes, there’s definitely scope to trip on the spaceman further :slight_smile: … We’ll evaluate as we are ramping up UI elements.


I would suggest looking inwards here. Something related to company history is usually a nice way to honour a project.

Or going the other route of sourcing it from the community all together.


Let’s name him, Jovian :wink:

We should probably make a topic on this. What do we name our spaceman?
If a good relatable name comes up, we pick that.

This might affect a bit of our branding too. Like not many knew the dog was named Juno.

@Binoy No that’s a special term! Can’t use that one.


@Shawnpinto add textures to the ground. At first i thought it was a bug :eyes:

I would love an animated spaceman…

Edit : ground was wierd in the image. Just checked the app. It wasnt that bad :ok_hand: :sweat_smile:


Hey :wave: @Jupiterlabs

We made few changes on the homepage recently. You can now copy your UPI handle faster than before! The UPI handle is now located under the account balance.

Earlier, you had to scroll all the way to the bottom or, copy it via settings, payments tab.

It’s faster this way.


Thats a great changes

Great tweak :relieved:

Good feature. But phone number is visble to others while paying🫠

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noice :smiling_face:

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Yeah… thats a big privacy issue. Jupiter please start customisable VPAs.

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Spaceman taking too much space in the bottom of payments tab. Don’t make overbranding. I know you love space and your theme is Jupiter.


@Jupiterlabs The home page gets another round of revamp!
Here’s what’s going to come in the coming weeks.

Sneak peeks :eyes:

At first glance:

  • The top bar - Account/Investments gets a highlighted box.
  • Experiments with a reward/Help icon.
  • The text and number are much bigger and bolder than before
  • We removed the spaceman and UPI ID at the bottom. As mentioned here:


Stay tuned!

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Sir Ji, mai payments page par us safed patti ko neeche khiskane par aane vale space aur spaceman ki baat kar raha tha. Aapko jaisa pasand aaye vaisa karo, maine to bahut dekh lee aapki kalakaari, Ab kabhi download hee nahi karna mujhe tumhara app aur kabhi dimag kharab ho jaayega to isko close karva dunga, mujhe is ghatiya app se koi matlab hee nahi hai. Ye to mera shuru se hee dimag kharab kar raha hai. Mai tumhara account sirf untrusted sites ko payment karne ke liye use karta hu aur mujhe koi matlab nahi hai isase.

Payments page par safed patti lagao ya kaala patta mujhe koi matlab nahi hai. Meri or se to chahe saare app me rang birangi patti bana do.

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How’s the dark mode coming up for the app? :thinking:

I think @Shawnpinto is not able to read hinglish.

ok bro I write in english for @Shawnpinto .

Sir, I was talking about the space and the spaceman that appears on the payment page by sliding down that white bar. Do as you like, I have seen a lot of your artwork, now I will never download your app and if I ever lose my mind, I will close it, I have nothing to do with this cheap app. This has been bugging me since the beginning. I only use your account to pay for untrusted sites and I don’t care about it.
I don’t care if you put a white stripe or a black stripe on the payments page.


investment tab is not showing for me, Any help?

Hey Avinash!

This shouldn’t have happened! I’m connecting with you via DM to address this issue.

Thank you!