(Coming soon) Jupiter 2.0 redesign | Introducing a new experience

Received the update today.
Tomorrow, I’ll provide my experience and feedback by editing this post.

@axa Hey bro, could you please blur or edit those account details?
It might be misused.

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Oh no, i accidentally selected the wrong image! Thanks for letting me know!

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Didn’t like the new design, the old one was better for me


I manually did the update, but it’s okay it was worth it, I loved the update, It has this sleek-looking minimalistic modern approach. Just loved it.


Why don’t you give option to us only to change the theme it will be good option

I received the new UI a couple of days back. It looks nice and fresher, but I have a couple of things to say which really felt distracting to me:

  1. The scan & pay pill button, which is at the bottom centre, really feels out of place, especially while scrolling. I’d suggest it to be either embedded somewhere in the bottom panel or a small button somewhere on the top panel will look fine too.

  2. The bottom panel could be made more immersive, like having a lighter accent color so that it blends well with the general background… again while scrolling.

Hi, Old colour scheme was better. I want to suggest some updates in the new UI. If possible, kindly add the orange colour Jupiter logo on the main screen header & remove the grey colour from the menu it would look great and there is one bug in the current update when you click on the left corner to see your account details the Jupiter QR code fails to open and close.

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My thoughts on the new design.

Changing the orange colour to a different colour would have done the job.

  1. Everything looks big, icons, text size previous sizes were perfect. Definitely need to adjust the sizes.
  2. Add money icon is not necessary since this is not a wallet (even in the old design).
  3. Previous overall UI looks premium now it looks a fresh startup just popped up.


  1. Font/Icon sizes adjustment.
  2. Reduce banner sizes (looks like room is full and gives phobia).
  3. Dark glossy background may bring back the premium look.
  4. Transaction history looks congested, need space between two transactions.

Today I got this new redesign, I don’t like it at all. Jupiter old one looks great. You would’ve added dark mode instead of this.
Jupiter is known for is orange color…

Anyway can’t do anything. Dont want to use this new design at all. Will be quitting the Jupiter soon


Agreed. The new transaction history page looks congested and cramped. And the “Add money” icon in the homepage is unnecessary. Adding something like the “pots” icon for easier access should be more useful.

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Please don’t change this ui previous one is better I started to hate the new design :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:

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New Design is so beautiful :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I know that the development of ur new ui is to match ur core design philosophy but the excessive use of animations and transitions has really hurt the already bad react native performance. it was a okay before but now i can see excessive lags and stutters… and that too on a flagship of 2020 s10 is a joke to performance. i think the dev team should focus on making the performance better. all this is coming from a positive outlook… i like jupiter and i want it to do well not only on ios but also on androids and millions of ur customers… hope you guys understand it…

There is significant delay in response with this Jupiter app after this new UI.

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@Mukesh_kumar_Bharti how did u take this screenshot?

From a different phone ?

Taking screenshots in financial apps is allowed in iPhones.

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oh… In Android, Jupiter restricted to take screenshots…In iOS, may be no such option to restrict

I don’t know the logic behind screenshot restriction in the financial app because the brand “Apple” whose first priority is security, they allow customers to take screenshot in the financial app.


May be bank side requirement. But, there is no benefit of restricting to take screenshot.

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When verifying UPI Ids in the new UI, a small icon appears if the bank/app but nothing for Fi.

Why the discrimination lol :joy:

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