Cash deposit machine


So, you are saying, You deposited money in Federal Bank CDM by entering the Jupiter account number and mobile number?
This is new information. :smiley:
Is there an additional fee for this transaction? I ask because SBI charges ₹25 for a similar mode of deposit.
I’ve noticed several posts in this community discussing the non-availability of the Jupiter Card for deposits. Therefore, here is an alternate solution to offer! :+1:t2:

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I’m confident that Shawn would have shared those feedback and issues with the relevant teams or departments.
Although you have discovered an alternative working solution, it would have been helpful to mention it in the existing threads. Many do not try the option you mentioned, and If there is no charge for that mode of deposit, definitely it can serve the purpose. This way, other members who may not be currently active in the community (who started those threads) would still receive notifications and benefit from your solution. :cool_doge:
That’s likely why everyone including me and @saurabh.s suggest checking similar existing threads. :+1:t2: :+1:t2:

Edit: Thanks Saurabh for Binoy’s thread below. I missed/forgot that part where he mentioned that alternative solution.


Hey @razack, @Binoy had mentioned about it in his post


I’ll be using the CDM again today after while. I’ll let you folk’s know if it’s still working :raised_hands:


Linking kotak bank with AA was indeed temporary issue for all AA platform. Even those who had already linked kotak bank with AA… balance refresh was also not working properly /delayed

Hmm its ongoing recurring temporary issue with kotak bank which we face every month

Update: It’s working. I just dropped dozens of INR 500 notes and the Federal CDM accepted everything! And, yes it’s cardless.


Btw, is there any charges for cardless deposit?

I see that you are looking for cash deposit charges. I am here to help you. I wish to let you know that you will be charged either ₹50/- per Txn or ₹0.50 per ₹ 1000/-, whichever is higher. The first 4 instances of remittances for amounts less than or equal to ₹10,000/- will be free in a month.

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Is there a cardless txn option in every ATMs bro?Just asking🙂

@iAmAlanSabu Almost all (may ba all) Cash Deposit Machines (CDMs) typically provide a cardless deposit option, allowing users to make deposits by entering the account number and the linked mobile number.
However, when it comes to ATMs, this facility is not available to all. Only ATMs with labels specified as “Deposit Cash” or “Cash Deposit Machines” have this feature.

Take Federal Bank ATMs as an example. While some Federal Bank ATMs may only offer the withdrawal facility, if you come across an ATM that displays the deposit option, you can surely proceed with either card-based or cardless deposit :v:t2: :v:t2:

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Many atm don’t have the cash deposit machine.

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Not sure. I deposited 15K and I don’t see anything being charged under transactions.

Good. This you did it in the first month? The first month is free unlimited.

Thank you bro for checking…

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