Cannot confirm bank account with PayPal

I cannot verify my bank account with PayPal. They usually send two very small payments which I have to enter on my Paypal account to prove I have access to the said bank account. However, the two transactions (less than 2rs) are not appearing in my “recent transactions” in Jupiter.

I have confirmed HDFC and DBS on my PayPal and receive regular payments aswell.

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Hi Hiranyamaya

Our product team is checking what happened here. We’ll get back.


Don’t worry . The transactions will reflect in your jupiter account after two days .

But I say prefer other banks rather than jupiter because reflecting of transactions from paypal in your jupiter account takes time .


Yup, credited this morning. Pretty late compared to HDFC and DBS.
I actually don’t mind a day or two late credit as long as it’s reliable. I don’t want to lose my money and bbattle with support for ages. Can you comment on reliability?

I don’t think so there is reliability issue. Sometimes, paypal takes time for smaller banks in processing while they prioritise large banks for verification.So it is factor of same.


Looks like I’ll have to take the initiative as an early user to test this out. I look forward to working with the support team (hopefully, won’t need to) :grin:


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