Can anyone tell if I order physical debit card then I will get cashback for 3 months

I am being shown this when I am ordering a physical debit card. Will I get cashback for three months even if my account is not a pro account ( I do not maintain 10 thousand balance )

Hey @The_But

I’ll connect with you via DM to seek few details to assist with your matter.

Thank you!

Yes. That’s right.l


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First they will tell you yes…you will get cashback for 3 montly without requireing NRV of 10k…then later they will say you have to maitin NRV of 10000 …just ordering the physical card won’t do… happened with me…

If you want Rs. 750 cashback which is 1% of your spend then you have to spend Rs. 75,000 in three months. Yes, you heard right, Rs. 75,000 in just 3 months.
If you can do this then I assume you can easily maintain a MAB of Rs. 10,000 or maybe you are salaried with a high-value package.