Bug in self transfer in new version

This page breaks repeatedly every time I do a self transfer transaction.

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@Bankofthefuture @Shawnpinto

Uh-oh! That should not be happening, Manish. We’ve received your DM and are assisting you there.

This problem still persists with me. @shawnpinto It’s been a long time since I even created a support ticket. I haven’t found any resolution yet.

Hey @The_But apologies friend, it’s taking a bit more time. We’ll get back to you when there’s an update for the ticket issue.

I have forgotten the ticket issue. I am talking here that I am not able to self transfer

@Shawnpinto @Devjyoti_Choubey Its been a long time but i am still not able to use self transfer.

Screen crashes when I do self transfer transaction. @Shawnpinto I showed this to your payment tab team member in conversation with you on google meet that day, he assured me to fix it but I am sorry it is not fixed yet.

It will be picked up this week!

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