Bug hunters assemble! 🐞

Hey guys,

It’s time to put on your detective caps, grab your best hunting gear because we’ve got some bugs to hunt!
That’s right. It’s time we get rid of those pesky bugs once and for all! :beetle:

How does it work? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
You will have to find a unique bug/issue and post it on the Bug hunters category. Once you let us know, we’ll get it checked by our team and confirm if it’s an actual bug or not. If it’s confirmed, we’ll let you know.

So what’s in it for you? Well, since you’re helping us find these pesky bugs, it’s easier for us to trace and get rid of them. Hence, if the bug found is an actual bug, you will receive… a surprise gift :gift: and a fancy bug hunters badge on the community! (It will show up next to your name as a title as well)

Sounds fun? Before you start your bug hunting journey, have a look at the rules below:

  1. The bugs reported must be unique . If you report a bug, it should not have been reported by anyone else. You can report a bug here - Bug hunters 🐞 - Jupiter Community. Just create a new topic with a report template mentioned below.
  2. You can report multiple unique bugs.
  3. You cannot report a bug which is existing and already known to us. We’ll let you know if it’s known. Eg: Known bugs like MPIN issue, Mobile verification failed cannot be claimed as it is known.
  4. Typos, alignment, UI breaks are not considered since it is not a technical bug.
  5. If a bug is reported during a downtime, it will not be considered. Downtimes are informed via phone notifications or you can see it on the home page of your app. A small text box regarding this can be seen at times.
  6. You must explain the bug in detail when you post it on bug hunters. Follow this reporting template :
  • Date and time of the bug
  • Action: What did you do to produce the bug?
  • Expected result: What was supposed to happen.
  • Actual result: What actually happened.
  • Device name and model: Eg: OnePlus 8T
  • Reproducibility: No. of times you were able to produce the bug.
  • Connection type: Eg: Wi-Fi/Mobile data
  • Name of the cellular/ Wi-Fi provider: Eg: Airtel
  • Screenshots/video: Keeping in mind - no personal information is shown. If it’s visible, please do hide it.
  1. We will only look at the bugs reported in this format. Please do follow this template if you’re reporting a bug.

What are you waiting for? It’s bug hunting time!