Been almost 1 month still refund not received

I have used pocket app of icici bank to deposit money via Jupiter account on 8th July 2021. After entering correct otp the page redirect and showed transaction failed but the money deducted from my Jupiter account for Rs.2500. Its been almost 1 month since I am asking help on Jupiter chat support but you people are only providing assurance.

Did transaction on many app and bank if the transaction get failed and money not credited then the money is stuck with payment gateway. They might have information regarding this.

Let me know when I will get my money back or else I need to check with RBI and Consumer court. Its either a bug or a fraud but none can be tolerated further. You people are testing customer patience over here.

Customer money is not a testing material of your buggy app. So, return my money back to my account.

@Jiten @sneh.baxi


This is second incident of same issue, I have also same issue of 5000 tried to load in kotak 811 account and no refund till now. Very much worried about money in jupiter.


It seems it is a case of fraud over here. Let me get clear confirmation on the same from these business tycoon then I will proceed further registering an official complain against them.

I need to know whats the real reason behind it. Once get clear intention, I will do the needful.

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@Benny check this thread and help on this issue.

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@sachingupta I suggest you to lodge a complain with Federal Bank. I had some issue with Fi and guys over chat support were not helpful. So after almost a week I lodged the complaint with Federal Bank and my issue got resolved within 48 hours of complaint. Just give it a try.


Man this app comes with a lots of bugs and issues.

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That’s why it is in Beta phase.
Man, the team is trying harder to get it resolved.
Keep patience.

I completely agree with you.
Some times the issues can be resolved quickly by the partner Bank.
Even I get the tracking details of my Fi debit card from the Federal customer care. Fi customer representative had no information about that.
Since, it is a transaction failure problem you must contact the Bank on this behalf.

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