Apple event | WWDC 2023

Anyone see the recent WWDC event? It was broadcasted yesterday!

If you missed it, here’s the recap -

Also, they’re introducing a headset that costs $3499 :blob_worried:


Meanwhile, My Twitter was filled with this post yesterday :rofl: :laughing:

Also, some tweets related to the ‘new’ features:

(loved the replies by Android users about this feature :rofl:)


I liked the 15 inch MacBook air but at its price its giving 8GB/256GB atleast 8/512 should have been provided.


Yup, 256GB won’t suffice.

The one I need :face_holding_back_tears: v/s The one I can afford :laughing:


I was looking forward to announcement around MacBook and iPhone 15.

Apple users I have a question, I saw many people like @yagnesh and many others have iPhone 14 pro or so. Do you think its worth upgrading from 11 pro to 14 pro because I don’t think there is any significant change to invest a good amount of money in it?

@Devansh_Bartwal if you are using iPhone 11, an upgrade to 14 plus is still worth the investment. It’s an upgrade in terms of chip set, screen resolution, camera processing, battery life (the 14 series is by far miles ahead when it comes to battery life). These are some of the obvious ones.

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Even the 14 model would suffice tbh. There are a lot of changes, you’ll feel the experience.
Battery and Camera too.

It depends on how one uses a phone. Are you looking for a daily driver (all-rounder phone) Or a phone with specifics? - Camera focused, Performance for gaming, battery for social media/multitasking, etc.

I just use it for the camera tbh. I am a college student so yeah I have to think before investing in 14 haha

In that regard even iPhone 13 is quite competent as there are very few improvements to iPhone 14.

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Anyone excited for today’s event? :rofl:


Waiting for the new iPad launch :grimacing:

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Those titanium bezels :party_parrot:

Probably no new iPads this year according to the verge

Good news for Shawn :grin:

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Yesss! :party_parrot: