App update on alternate Play store account

Many users here registered for Jupiter after adding alternate email id account in playstore as invite were sent on email id different from the one they use in playstore.

I am one of such user who added a gmail account (‘mail 2’) in playstore just to download Jupiter app and deleted the account from my mobile after downloading the app.
However while account opening, I used my permanent email id (‘mail 1’ ) which is currently used in playstore and for all other major purpose.

Now a major forthcoming issue that I see is APP UPDATE. Currently I cannot find Jupiter app on playstore as it is registered with ‘mail 1’ and hence any future update which may roll out anytime is currently inaccessible to me.

Any solution or I have to again add mail 2 in playstore to download updates ? How will I get notified for that ?

No immediate solution untill they launch it publicly or they update your mail 1 with mail 2.

Hi Bipul, if you’ve received an invite from us. There must be a form to request a change in email id, please fill that up and you should be able to move to your requested email id. :slight_smile:

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