App slowness on android

Hi @Jiten and @mohit.chitlangia , these days the app has been very slow. Not able to make any quick payments. It takes atleast 2-3 mins to launch / open on any Android mobile. It’s of no use these days if the usability is not so good. I have been following up with support team, but no real updates yet.


Hi @Shivaji_M_D thanks for raising this concern. Its a bit unusual to hear this as the team is constantly monitoring the performance and we have seen improvements in the overall experience.

However, I will share the same feedback with the team and see if we can improve more.

Is there any particular use case that you can highlight where you saw a lot of lag?

Almost on all the screens. First of all it takes a lot of time to open itself. You may want to do a survey on this topic to better understand what your customer’s are going through even through we are on 4G.

Facing same issue after recent updates.

To be really honest your app is pathetically designed. Couldn’t even make a payment the entire day. Also, your support team just closes the ticket without my consent. This app is of no use if it doesn’t open during critical times. Going to uninstall.

Could you send me specific feedback at

Yes, app is slow I can confirm that

Try now if it is working as expected


It takes forever to open using Mobile Data.
Tried two days, at Merchant and couldn’t. Had to use other Apps at last to make payments.

Day before Yesterday, I was not able to transfer any money to jupiter and the App was not opening.

Today, the App was taking way too much time to even open the home page.

The app was working fine before but it has been very slow since last night. I’m trying to make UPI payments but can’t. I’ve tried several times. All the tabs on the bottom take a while to load.

I’m using the latest version of the app and I have a high end Android phone.
I think this is a server side issue.

Hey guys,

The bank API’s are down for a while. They’re looking into it.
UPI transactions will be effected and you might find the app a bit slow.

Will update here as soon as it’s back to normal.

There are multiple issues in APP.
Today app is completely down and keep on loading when I try to open it.
I was tried to pay with debit card on 26th but OTP is not received and yesterday I got 1000+ otps.
May be jupiter need lot more improvements in app. But I like the UI and concept of jupiter

IN My Phone Jupiter is working fine :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’m able to do transaction and app is opening within 2-3 seconds.*

So IN My Case Everytime is Perfect :slightly_smiling_face:.

PS : Just now I have done a transaction and within 10-15 secs got success.

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Update: I was finally able to make a UPI Payment via Jupiter using Mobile Data an hour earlier.

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