App doesn’t work with dynamic(long) links

I got an issue and contacted customer service and i got mail regarding that issue feedback. When i click on the open jupiter app, the app stuck at launch screen.

Here is the screen recording

Hai @Mr.Minnu
Is the app functioning properly when opened normally?

@Mr.Minnu something similar happened to me when I got the lifetime free offer for Edge credit card.

I am on Android though…

@Shawnpinto Guess somebody has to take a look at this.

@Mr.Minnu Are you using an IPhone ?

@Nikhil_Godbole yes. The screen recording icon confirms it’s an iPhone

Yes it does work

@Mr.Minnu Have escalated it internally. Will come back once it is fixed.

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@Nikhil_Godbole Looks like the query parameters weren’t handled properly from this link<MY_TOKEN>&try=1&$follow_redirect=true/1/0109018a8d63a641-3f9e2c1d-f8ca-49f3-acc2-9061430db4b0-000000/raRdmdl6-VRxHQBCT_OCMv8PCVSnXYc7xxkqc9jbaFI=120

The base domain opens the app fine but not the the whole url. And if the app goes background during this scenario, still the app doesn’t resolve the dynamic/deep link

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