Amount Transferred into My Jupiter account but not yet reflecting

Its 24 Hrs but still amount is not yet deposited into my Jupiter Account , had transferred Rs.32,000 into my Jupiter Account via NEFT but even now its not reflecting , also if I try to send funds it shows insufficient Balance .
Kindly look into it , did not expect such kind of experience from

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Hey @Tejas_L , Sorry you had to face this issue. We’ll get it checked.

Please raise a chat request in app and our team will look into it.

I have raised it in the morning itself . Still not resolved

Been hours since anyone replied to me in the Chat , what kind of customer service is this ??

Hey @Tejas_L -Apologies for this. DMing you for some details.

Ok waiting for the same

I’m also facing the same issue. Redeemed rewards and added 17k via in built UPI but it is still showing as processing.

Its above 36 hours and yet not received the funds . Will close my account in jupiter soon .

Dont worry

I don’t know why jupiter facing problems and upi/debit services down like sbi from the last week .
But be assure that your money will be safe and team will resolve your problem soon .

Hey Tejas - We’re investigating into the delay with our partner bank. The funds will reflect as soon as they’re credited into the account, Jupiter doesn’t hold them.

I understand your anxiety, but like @SaiRaj mentioned, please be assured that your money is safe. We’ll check and get back.

Will you bear all expenses for late payment charges on my Credit card bill ?? DO let me know , will wait rest assured if so.

Sent you a DM on the result of our investigation @Tejas_L. The transaction should be reversed to the source account today. We’re working with our partner bank to make that happen asap.

Yeah definitely . :call_me_hand:


Hi @shikharmakkar ,
I would like to apologize for this issue, sending you a DM.
Do not worry, your money is safe and we’ll resolve the issue ASAP.

It is resolved now, it was credited after some time.


Happy to know that :smiley:

Take care!