Account Verification: There's an issue with your identity verification

I was required to open a salaried account at Jupiter, but since it has to go through the savings account process I continued and provided the necessary documents. When came the Visual Verification, which requires me to speak out load the OTP, it wouldn’t accept it. I’ve made sure I’m in well-lit, quite place but it didn’t work and I was given an screen saying : We can not open your account, related to Indentity Verification. I’ve already raised a ticket and it’s been 20+ days already. I haven’t heard for any update, please help me out.

Welcome to the community @sudhanshuchaudhary :+1:t2:
Please make sure there are no mismatches regarding your KYC documents.
I hope you have raised support through email (
If so, kindly share the ticket id here.

Also, you can reach to @Nikhil_Godbole via DM. :v:t2:

Thank you for responding @razack , I’ve reached out today through email( I’ve contacted the support team through IVR (2-3 times, in 20 days period), and here’s the reference number that they provided: 2606795. I’ve made sure there is no mismatch with KYC Documents, as I’ve been using these documents for years for verification. The video OTP verification failed each time I tried.

@sudhanshuchaudhary Could you please try to onboard again and let us know if you are still facing the same issue ?

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I’m able to see the video Verification options again. I’ll try completing the process now. I’m very thankful.

@Nikhil_Godbole, I got only a single chance to record myself for the video verification calling out OTP.
I made sure to follow rules, quite place, even had a white background, well-lit face, and no mumbles while speaking out loud. Still greeted me with an error of identity verification.

@sudhanshuchaudhary Ok. Let me get the team to check the logs and revert.

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That’ll help, thank you for helping me out with the situation. It’s something which has happened for me the first time with some application.

I have this working. I had to let my company know the issue and later on, I was able to access it. It had to be done manually.

@sudhanshuchaudhary Now that the A/C is opened, we would request you to complete the Video KYC to enjoy all the benefits associated with the A/C.

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It’s it’s in a working state. I’m really thankful for the efforts you put in to resolve my query.

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