About Delivery of Physical Debit card

I create Jupiter Account 4 days ago, but still doesn’t Received any delivery Update of Physical Debit card?

Hello Arfat!

Thank you for connecting with us!

We hear your concern. Kindly DM us with your contact details and we shall look into this at the earliest.

Take care and stay safe!

Hey, @Bhoomika_Gowda the debit card delivery tracking flow can and need to be improved. It’s not long ago I got it.

I applied and didn’t have an update for days and it’s on the day of delivery I got the message saying it’s out for delivery. The in-app tracking was not showing the exact status. Fix this please!

PS: OneCard in-app flow was nice :+1:

Debit Card delivery tooks some time , often 1 week so kindly wait for few more days.

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